About us

MAISONNOÉE is a Berlin-based high-quality prêt-à-porter fashion brand founded in 2013 by designer Sophie Oemus (née Böhmert).

The Label is defined by its fusion of craftsmanship and attention to detail and works exclusively with high-quality materials that are designed in Berlin, made and processed in Europe.

Clear cuts, simple, feminine and timeless elegance with selected materials define all of MAISONNOÉE´s collections. No showmanship yet also no implausible understatement, but sustainable, wearable design that attracts attention because of its unusual way of reserve and recurring signature by means of the usage of new technology in leather.

The brand´s name MAISONNOÉE is a neologism largely meaning „house of peace/strength/ tranquility“ by figurative sense it describes the women who wear MAISONNOÉE: successful, intelligent, and cultured.

Sophie Oemus is a graduate of the International University of art for fashion (ESMOD Berlin). After graduating she established her fashion label MAISONNOÉE in Berlin. All the collections are designed and produced in her Studio in the Waitzstraße in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

MAISONNOÉE is available at a range of international high-fashion-stores, among others are metropolises Berlin, Tokyo, Straßbourg, Hamburg, Leipzig and worldwide on www.maisonnoee.com.