A/W 17/18 – MAISONNOÉE Berlin

A/W 17/18

C O U R A G E – The Fall / Winter Collection 2017/18 from MAISONNOÉE.
Courage is the best remedy for powerlessness. It brings warmth when social climates become colder -evoking a response when opposing fronts become radical. Courage transforms in a uniquely human way. Courage creates justice. COURAGE is the title of MAISONNOÉE’S new collection.

Outfits lend to the wearer not only elegance and gracefulness but also strength and power. Leather has the effect of giving the wearer an almost second skin. Padding aids the shoulders, a dress made of heavy cashmere brings the wearer into both a proud and upright position The outfits also offer a comfortable retreat, in order to regenerate, to be with oneself –“in a peaceful home, the strength and calm”, what MAISONNOÉE literally means. The successful double layering, warmer fabric and more comfortable cuts are something along the lines of the oversize vest, which suits every article of clothing perfectly.