S/S 17 – MAISONNOÉE Berlin

S/S 17

ARRIVÈE - The Summer Collection 2017 from MAISONNOÉE. Having arrived is a lot like being happy: Everyone wants it, but when it seems so far away, it is hardly ever treasured. Being on the move often corresponds to being more aware. In this regard, the way is the goal. Only the journey counts. What becomes clear as a result, is how strong the return of the foreign has changed the return home, how the much the biography of the seen and experienced is formed. Also exciting naturally is the location in which one arrives-bringing not only his own architecture into play but the room itself should offer up all the images, ideas and memories that one has gathered during ones travels. It is the location of having to sort-out and find; the location where the foreign and the familiar come into being. It is the location where one arrives. ARRIVÉE is the name of the new collection from MAISONÉE.

MAISONNOÉE, its arrival, is above all a homage. Not only because the label has moved into its new house and according to its wishes, altered, or because its arrival is set in the name itself.