S/S 18 – MAISONNOÉE Berlin

S/S 18

The ocean promises freedom. A freedom which cannot be found in your old home anymore, for which we cross oceans to find it elsewhere. Freedom to spend a few carefree days at the seaside and on beautiful beaches. Freedom to look at the horizon without needing to focus. Freedom to be ourselves, without pressure or constraints. Freedom to have LATITUDE, the title of MAISONNOÉE’s new collection.
The underwater world is brought to life with a coral print on delicate silk throughout the collection. The curved inserts in skirts, tops and blouses, often emphasized by using pleated silk or net-like lace, evoke waves on the high sea. And the dainty pearl buttons attaching the suspenders look like they were just plucked from a seashell.

This collection MAISONNOÉE debuts a complete beachwear look consisting of a bikini, a pleated silk cardigan and a small leather bag to tie around the waist, which is manufactured to avoid the feeling of leather on the skin.