A cozy cashmere sweater, an elegant silk dress or a skin-friendly linen bathrobe. Our wardrobe is made up of a wide variety of materials, all of which need to be cared for individually so that the unique fabric texture is not lost.

Cashmere is one of the highest quality types of wool and not only keeps you warm, but also stands for exclusivity. We attach great importance to the right care, which is why we have developed just the right and, above all, rich care in cooperation with the special detergent manufacturer Intervall, which specializes in the care of sophisticated fabrics.

To give precious fabrics such as cashmere, wool, mohair, angora, alpaca or merino a thourough care and color-preserving cleanse, the special detergent tenemoll is the best qualified product.
Tenemoll also ensures that the softness is not lost due to the re-fatting ingredients
Another special characteristic about this detergent is that it does not contain fabric softener- This ensures that the wool textiles retain their shape and do not stretch out.

So our Wool & Cashmere Shampoo based on Intervall`s tenemoll is what your favorite wool sweaters need to stay with you as long as possible!

However, Intervall has developed special detergents not only for cozy sweaters, but also for numerous other materials and fabrics.
Here is a little insight:

Shiny and luminous silk which grants us elegance is highly cherished and should be retained. In order for this feeling to sustain, cleaning must be done gently. The absence of aggressive chemicals and re-fatting ingredients makes tenestar the ultimate detergent that leaves silk supple and prevents it from roughening.

Linen and cotton are very skin-friendly and natural fabrics. Here, too, chemicals and artificial substances should be avoided because they destroy the natural balance of the fiber. Texbio is excellent as it provides bright colors without attacking the fibers. Intervall also offers texbio for allergy sufferers without perfume additives on request.

The teneplus detergent, for example, is particularly suitable for delicate swimsuits that should not lose their elasticity or brightness. Perfect for vacations, it also ensures that residues of cosmetics, chlorine, sweat and suntan lotion are effectively removed.

Last but not least: The cure for all white - tenderly is a useful addition to the 'normal' laundry. This care product makes slightly yellowed or grayed laundry shine white again.

This was just a small insight into the many detergents from Intervall. Visit www.intervall.de for more products, ingredients and detailed care instructions.