Our Top Travel Destinations in Germany

Plans for the summer holidays are facing uncertainty these days. Strict entry requirements at the borders, closed facilities and flight cancellations all over the world make a holiday abroad very unlikely. Nevertheless, we are not giving up hope that this year’s summer will be enjoyable and unique despite the current situation. If the restrictions are eased but we are not able to travel to other countries, we might as well make the best out of it and use the time to explore some travel destinations in Germany.

If you are not a German resident, this list will give you lots of inspiration for future trips to Germany. Perhaps you have already had some of these places on your list, but the Mediterranean Sea always seemed more attractive to you – now is the time to try what Germany has to offer. It does not always have to be soft sandy beaches or imposing spa resorts in tropical climate zones, although you will even find some similar spots on our list…

The Rhine Valley

The area around the river Rhine offers quite a few beautiful getaway spots, especially in summer. Between gently rolling hills, medieval castles and vineyards, the Rhine runs through one of Germany’s most romantic landscapes. Enjoy the fairytale-like atmosphere in some of the smaller villages along the river, or explore urban playfulness and culture in larger cities such as Cologne and Koblenz.

The Black Forest

The Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg offers a spectacular mountain and evergreen landscape. Stunning little towns and impressive cities full of cultural traditions complete the beautiful scenery. In winter, you can go skiing on the highest mountain in the Black Forest, Feldberg. In summer, the various thermal baths, lakes and spa places invite you to relax. The area is also one of Germany’s top wine regions, so it is worth going for a wine tasting and trying what the local vineyards have to offer. Apart from the beautiful forest itself, you should also pay a visit to cities such as Freiburg, Baden-Baden and Heidelberg to enjoy the stunning historical architecture.

The Bavarian Alps

Another area in Germany that does not only offer a great number of skiing resorts are the Bavarian Alps. The stunning mountains and glittering lakes are just as marvellous in summer and invite to go for a hike and soak up the beauty of the image. The beaches of Chiemsee lake, the infamous Neuschwanstein Castle and the breathtaking Berchtesgadener Land are only some of the gems in the region.

Rügen Island

The German Baltic Sea coast is a must-see in summer. Its long white sandy beaches, jagged cliffs, charming little towns and sea resorts make it a top favourite holiday destination for both locals and tourists from abroad. Whether you like active holidays with hiking and water sports or rather look for a peaceful atmosphere to unwind and recover from everyday stress, Germany’s largest island is the place for you. The enchanting beauty of towns and resorts such as Binz and Sellin can be best absorbed by going for a stroll along the pier and taking in the impressive architecture and view across the glittering sea.


Known as one of the largest port cities in Germany, Hamburg’s nickname Gateway to the World seems more than fitting. If you prefer buzzing cities to quiet getaways, this city needs to be on your list for top travel destinations in Germany. Although it actually is a vibrant and versatile place and very popular among Germans, tourists from abroad tend to overlook Hamburg. The mix of urban city vibes, cultural attractions, musicals and theatre, shopping and exceptional dining makes Hamburg a true all-rounder.


If you are a big city dweller but looking for something less obvious, Düsseldorf may be the place for you. Walk the promenade and enjoy the beautiful riverside and the view of the posh district Oberkassel. The stunning Old Town offers fantastic architecture and a variety of shops, cafés, bars and restaurants, while still maintaining a rather sophisticated and quiet vibe. If you love going on a shopping spree, you need to check out the impressive boulevard of the Königsallee, with luxury and high-end fashion and jewellery stores around every corner. In one of Germany’s wealthiest and most stylish cities, your love for fashion will be met with approval.