Maisonnoée has launched a new place. Together with Sven Appelt Rubber and Die Vintage Lounge they form an unbeatable team in their uniqueness.

Fashion, exchange, inspiration, cooperation, sustainability, craftsmanship, dance, art, music, styling, design, photo shoots and much more is offered by the new project "DER CONCEPSTORE". It is not just a retail store with its own fashion, but also a place where creatives from, for example, musical and artistic fields come together.
The labels Maisonnoée, Sven Appelt Rubber and Die Vintage Lounge have created this extraordinary place. In their uniqueness, they form an unbeatable team and a unique synergy.
The fashion label Maisonnoée by Sophie Oemus, a graduate designer, lecturer and consultant for renowned companies, embodies high-quality clothing, timeless elegance, custom-made products and exceptional processing of leather for 10 years already.
Sven Appelt, also a graduate designer, lecturer and consultant for well-known companies, offers with his store S.A.R. first-class and unusual fashion made of latex under the motto "exclusion of delimitation".
Gabriela Gotovac is behind The Vintage Lounge. With carefully selected products, appreciation of craftsmanship and love for the immortality of good designs, her work is a tribute to great designers of the past.
All three companies know their craft, they have years of experience in the market and in the same time founded an association for people who have had negative experiences or those who have not yet found themselves. They help to find and keep their own self-esteem and organize different projects, such as dance, design projects in the field of shootings, mini collections or styling workshops.
Maisonnoée offers high quality leather clothing, cashmere products, extravagant dresses and much more in the CONCEPTSTORE. Made-to-measure designs are also possible.

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