7 Things that Help You Make the Most of Quarantine

Tired of zapping through social media channels and re-watching your favourite series for the third time? The corona pandemic requires us to stay inside and we are overwhelmed by the seemingly inexhaustible amount of time on our hands.

The restrictions that have been assigned to our everyday lives may be difficult to get used to, since this is a situation no one of us has ever experienced before. The fast-paced world we live in is suddenly slowing down, and so are we. Being stuck at home all day, not able to go to work as usual or meet our friends for a coffee – that’s not everybody’s cup of tea, although we all surely have someone for whom it is worth staying home for.

Nevertheless, adjusting to this temporary new life is also up to how we choose to look at it. Haven’t we been asking for more spare time all along? If we see it as an opportunity and look for joy in everyday things, we will be able to use this time of self-isolation and social distancing productively. No idea how to start? The following list of things to do in quarantine provides beginners with useful tips and inspiration to stay busy and active in times of Corona.

1. Get Creative

Whether you’re a hobby artist who rarely has time or a newcomer to the arts – painting, drawing and other handicrafts like sewing or knitting are not only productive activities to spend quarantine with, they are also experiencing an increasing popularity due to their relaxing and soothing effects. Maybe you already have canvases, paints and brushes. If not, start with a piece of paper and pencils, cardboard, or whatever material you have at home. It is also a perfect way to entertain your kids and create unique, handmade gifts for your beloved ones.

2. Try out New Recipes

Another way to spend your newly acquired spare time is to brush up on your cooking skills and expand your repertoire of recipes. Wipe the dust off your cookbooks and try something you never had the time for, or browse the internet for something completely new. Now is the time for baking marathons with the family and trying out fancy, time-consuming recipes.

3. Learn a Language

Let’s be honest. We all love travelling, but rarely do we actually know the language of our destination countries except for the rough basics we find in travel guides. With the extra time on our hands and the long days spent inside, learning a language is one of many ways to maintain the ability to learn. Textbooks, apps and online courses can help you get started at home. Acquiring a new language is a hobby that requires a lot of patience, but it will definitely pay off when you ask someone for the way while travelling and end up in the right place.

4. Sort out Your Wardrobe

This may be the most obvious quarantine activity, but definitely worth mentioning. Clearing your house and especially your closet can also help to clear your mind. Get rid of the things you never wear and treat yourself with an online shopping tour to fill the extra space, or simply enjoy the thrill of anticipation and wait for the times when all your favourite shops finally reopen.

5. Stay Fit with Home Workouts

With all the gyms, sports clubs and dance studios closed, the sofa and TV suddenly seem all too tempting. If you want to stay fit and healthy these days and you are not the running type, try some home workout videos to keep yourself in shape. Several gyms and dance schools have gone digital after the temporary closure and meanwhile offer livestreams and online classes, but you can of course simply search YouTube as well. Why not team up with your partner or family to learn a dance style you haven’t tried before?

6. Treat Yourself with a Spa Day

Our hectic daily lives have suddenly come to a stop, so why not seize the opportunity and use the time to unwind? More spare time is something we’ve been asking for, right? A home spa is perfect to get rid of that everyday stress we often complain about. Take a bath to soothe and relax sore muscles while treating your skin and hair with a moisturising mask. You deserve the break!

7. Call the Friends You Never Have Time for

Socialising in times of Corona requires us to come up with creative solutions. Thanks to digitalisation, this luckily turns out to not be too difficult. We all have those friends whom we never see because everyone is always too busy. Video and group calls will keep you from getting lonely and feeling trapped inside, and are a great chance to check on those friends who live far away. Since we are not in a hurry, you could also try something old-fashioned for a change and write a letter. The effort will be highly appreciated these days, that's for sure.